Helitours is the commercial air arm of the Sri Lanka Air Force and came into being in 1972. The Helitours is itself a company incorporated under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka. It is the prime domestic airline operating in Sri Lanka connecting all the air fields within the country. In addition to the fixed wing aircraft facility, the Helitours also provides the helicopter transport facilities to the passengers ensuring its character of ubiquity. As of today, it stands as a dominant player in promoting the tourism in the country.

Helitours uses its twine turbine engine aircraft for its operations and it provides the passengers the smooth flying experience and the aspect of safety at all times. Its aircraft fleet with both fixed and rotary wing aircraft facilities is operated and maintained by highly qualified and civil aviation standards certified pilots and engineers. Their levels of competency are always maintained at the highest level with continuous and frequent training at the Original Equipment Manufacture's (OEM's) facilities.

Helitours is in operation in accordance with the civil aviation regulations applicable to civil airline operators and has been issued with an Air operating Certificate (AOC) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL). Helitours is not only in compliance with the mandatory requirement of insuring passengers but is also subject to periodic audits by the CAASL. It has even been certified for off-shore operations on successful completion of safety audits which meet the stringent guidelines stipulated by the Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) organization.
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